IoT and Programmable Tech Mega DIY Kit

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IoT and Programmable Tech Mega DIY Kit (+ Home automation prototype) | Include ESP8266 Node MCU Board and Arduino UNO Board | Age 11 and Above

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Introducing the IoT & Programmable Tech Mega DIY Kit, a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution for all your DIY needs. Designed for individuals aged 11 and above, this kit combines the power of IoT and programmable technology to bring your imaginative projects to life.

  • Include the Smart Home model + Wifi enabled Programmable Boards + 20 electronic Sensors + 20+ electronic components
  • Creative IoT Projects: This kit Includes Everything You Need To Build and Engineer Your Own smart home.
  • Includes 3 months of access to ( digital Step by Step DIY activity aid ) worth Rs 1500.
  • 20+ parts in the kit including a programmable electronics board, USB cable, jumper cables, breadboard, resistors, battery, LEDs, servo motors, and many sensors (IR, rain, smoke & light)
  • Programmable learner kit for beginners and professionals: Perfect intro to programmable Arduino electronic and IoT robotics.
  • Wifi programming and control: With ESP8266 Node MCU, you can remotely control programming and the sensors. Learn the basics behind the Internet of Things, and build your own connected devices.
  • Simple, intelligent: Control your IOT System with an Android and iOS App, Sample codes are straightforward.
  • Experience the joy of making & building your own smart projects & gadgets.
  • Play with 15+ various sensors, lights, sound, motors and and build awesome projects
  • Innovate and build 7+ IoT Projects
  • Includes Node MCU and Arduino UNO boards.


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