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About CurioKidz

Unleashing the Power of STEM for Young Innovators

Hands-On Learning

Fostering active exploration & discovery for deeper understanding & lasting knowledge.

STEM Focus

Nurturing curiosity, critical thinking, and innovation for a brighter future.

Engineering Basics

Building a strong foundation for problem-solving and creative innovation.

CurioKidz believes in learning by doing and incorporating the Latest best practices in STEM teaching and learning. We thrive to cultivate a generation of innovators by providing 21st-century skills to unlock young minds' true potential through AI, Coding, Robotics, and STEM.
It's like giving a child a toolbox full of tools, allowing them to explore, create, and innovate. The right guidance and support will enable them to create something that will be truly amazing.

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Why Choose Us

Why CuriKidz is the Perfect Choice

What sets CuriKidz apart is our commitment to hands-on STEM learning, innovative curriculum, and empowering children with real-world skills.

Child-Centric Approach

Hands-On Learning

STEM Skill Development

Experienced Educators

Enroll Your Child in an Exciting STEM Journey Today!

Popular Courses

Rs 10000

Basic Robotics

Rs 15000

Coding Adventures

Rs 20000

Tech Explorers

Our Programs

Explore Our Captivating STEM/Robotic Programs

We provide hands-on activities that enable children to think outside of the box and develop skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

After School Program

Curriculum Linked Science Program | Coding | Circuit Simulation | Sensor Tech | Programmable Tech

In School Program

ATAL Tinkering Lab Set-up & Maintenance | STEM Lab | Mini Robotic Lab Setup | Cyber Safety Master Trainer Program | Curriculum Linked Science Program

STEM Teacher Training

Hand-on STEM Training | Robotics Training | Electronics & Arduino training

Hand-on DIY STEM Kits

Take a look at our DIY STEM kits

Ideal for children to learn by doing. They are perfect for parents, teachers, and anyone looking to encourage children to explore STEM topics.

High-quality components

Step-by-step instructions

Easy-to-use materials

Diverse STEM Projects

Years of Experience
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What Parents and Schools Say About CurioKidz


Expectations Met

Hearty congrats for setting high standards of self- responsibility & expectations. My personal congrats to you & your team who have held you CurioKidz so high.

Secretary, MKM School


Creative Exploration

Your session has inspired our children to develop their creativity and curiosity towards science. Even complex concepts are made very simple ad easy for the children.

Learning Links,


Students love STEM

The hands-on activities very clearly explain the concept. students participate with lot of ethusiasm

Principal, Modern School


Confidence Boost

The ability of the program to kindle the scientific spirit of children rated as "Beyond Expectations."

Kids Central School


Totally Satisfied

Nagalakshmi Ma 'am and Vijay sir have been extremely proactive in bringing up the various requirements in the most effective way and efficient way. I am very happy if the service is provided and will not hesitate to recommend the CurioKids for future schools as well.

Mrs. Lalitha Chandrasekaran
Managing DIrector, Ramana School


Cognitive Learning

CurioKidz sessions are really sparked his passion and got him deeply involved in electronics. I'm so grateful to them!

Meena Ganapathy


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Established in 2014, working towards bringing hands-on STEM learning a reality for your child.   

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